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Easy handheld device that requires no imaging and no training.

Fast reduces patients waiting time for pleural drainage.

Safe using ultrasonic technology to detect pleural effusion and indicate the optimal location for drainage-needle insertion.



The Puddle can assist healthcare professionals

 to detect and drain pleural effusion

Happy Doctor

Hospital doctors & nurses 

Can assist hospital doctors and nurses to detect and drain pleural effusion without the need of ultrasound knowledge 

Medical Consultation

Home care doctors & nurses 

Home care doctors are able to detect and monitor pleural effusion and to determine when to send the patient to the hospital for drainage.

Doctor Talking To Patient

Hospice staff 

Hospice staff are able to detect and monitor pleural effusion, and decide when to send patients for drainage.


General Practitioners (GPs)

GPs will be able to assess if patients need to be referred to hospital for drainage

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